The seats Frame, Highframe, Armframe, Longframe, Floatingframe, Rollingframe, MeetingFrame, Frame 52 are all derived from the same constructive idea: put in relation to each other extruded elements, diecast pieces, a plastic net and some screws. The extruded, common to all models, is designed to house the net that acts as a seat, inferred in a groove, and to connect smoothly the die-cast elements. The meeting between these two technologies of aluminum, extrusion and diecasting, is made in such a way as to obtain a unitary and continuous structure where the junction nodes are integrated in a natural way. The structure takes form by holding the net under tension with the die-cast parts that function as separating struts..
Starting from the same extruded section and subsequently curved, the various typologies are obtained with some parts in common as well as with specific pieces.