The project sets out to redesign a ceiling lamp, rationalizing and simplifying its elements. The relationship between the diffusion element and the light source (usually separated and attached with bolts) is resolved more simply, with a hinge: a closure system chosen with bulb replacement in mind.
To reach the inside of the lamp only a simple gesture is required, like opening a small door.
The body, slender and as light as possible, is made of die-cast aluminium, designed to resolve all technical and assembly complexities.
One of the objectives of the project was to create a versatile lamp that could be used with different light sources and optical elements simply by replacing the shade (in prismatic glass or opaline polycarbonate) or changing the type of bulb.
The diffusion element is glued flush to its ring-shaped housing, also in die-cast aluminium; the structural adhesive functions as a seal, making this fixture ideal for outdoor use.

Winner of the Compasso d'oro 1994.