The entire Frame family of seating is based on the same construction idea: to establish an "organic" relation among different elements, creating different typologies by making minimal variations in the proportions and form.
The project centered on development of a section that resolves all complexity in itself. The pursuit of a certain visual lightness (the resistance of the elliptical section is comparable to that of a circular tube 25 mm in diameter) is connected with that of formal continuity and the 'organic' solution of the connections.
The extrusion, used in all the models, is designed to house the screen (employed for the seat) in a groove, while fluidly connecting to the whole.
The combination of two aluminium technologies, extrusion and die-casting, is effected in such a way as to obtain a unified, continuous structure whose joints are integrated in a natural way.
The structure takes form by holding the screen under tension with the die-cast parts that function asseparating struts. Starting with the same curved extruded section the various typologies are obtained, with some partsin common as well as specific pieces.