Otto Watt

A desk lamp designed from an LED source that consumes only 8 watt and illuminates as much as 35 watt halogen lamp does. A light fixture that allows a drastic reduction of energy consumption.
This new generation of LEDs produces an optimal light quality which can be regulated in both intensity and color temperature (a simple rotation of the diffuser disc and the light changes from cold to warm).
The life spam of LEDs is highly influenced by the temperature they reach and this was the starting point for the lamp, we designed an alluminum head which promotes heat dissipatyion while it serves as a handle for pointing the light as needed.
The project attention was focused in reducing the amount of material used, the volumes and the formal complexity, aiming to obtain an object with the minimum visual impact. The functional mechanisms have been willingly hidden.
In order to facilitate recycling the lamp is monomateric, made in cast alluminum for the arms and pressure injected for the head, articulations and the base.
Otto Watt is also available in different versions: standing, applique, etc.